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Recent and Forthcoming Publications


The cross section of expected real estate returns: Insights from investment-based asset pricing
Shaun Bond, Chen Xue
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2017

What Types of People Sort to Which Public Services?
David Brasington
Papers in Regional Science, 2017

Compositional models and organizational research: Application of a mixture model to non-experimental data in the context of CEO pay
Joanna Campbell, M Weese
Organizational Research Methods, 2017

Group identification as a means of attitude restoration
Joshua Clarkson, Eliot Smith, Zakary Tormala, Riley Dugan
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2017

Minimizing Flowtime for Paired Tasks
Michael Magazine, George Polak, Ken Baker
European Journal of Operational Research, 2017

Quality and Efficiency of the Clinical Decision-Making Process: Information Overload and Emphasis Framing
Lauren Laker, Craig Froehle, Jaime Windeler, Christopher Lindsell
Production and Operations Management, 2017

Essentials of Business Analytics, 2nd Edition
Jeffrey Camm, James Cochran, Michael Fry, Jeff Ohlmann, David Anderson, Dennis Sweeney, Tom Williams
Cengage, 2017

Differences in understanding “generation” in the workforce
Michael Urick, Elaine Hollensbe, Gail Fairhurst
Journal of Intergenerational Relatinships, 2017

Simio and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications (4th ed.)
Jeffrey Smith, David Sturrock, W. David Kelton
McGraw-Hill, 2017

Creating Student Engagement: The Kickstarter Active Learning Project
Elliott Manzon
Marketing Education Review, 2017

Bank Organization and Loan Contracting in Small Business Financing
Andrea Bellucci, Alexander Borisov, Alberto Zazzaro
Entrepreneurial Finance: Managerial and Policy Implications, 2017

Public School Consolidation: A Partial Observability Spatial Bivariate Probit Approach
David Brasington, Olivier Parent
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series A, 2017

School Spending and New Construction
David Brasington
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2017

An Experimental Investigation of Shareholder Propensity to Litigate under Precise and Imprecise Accounting Standards
Robert Cornell, Anne Magro, Rick Warne
Journal of Applied Accounting Research, 2017

A Practitioner's Guide to Data Visualization
Jeffrey Camm, Michael Fry, Jeffrey Shaffer
Interfaces, 2017

Demand Weighted Vehicle Routing Problem
Michael Magazine, Jeffrey Camm, Kipp Martin
European Journal of Operational Research, 2017

When more is not enough: Executive greed and its influence on shareholder wealth
K Haynes, Joanna Campbell, M Hitt
Journal of Management, 2017

Implications of Alter Project Resources and Participant
Sherae Daniel, Katherine Stewart
International Conference of Information Systems, 2017

The effect of an interprofessional heart failure education program on hospital readmissions
Julia Clarkson, Joshua Clarkson, Susan Schaffer
Journal for Healthcare Quality, 2017

The dark and bright sides of personal use of technology at work: A job demands–resources model
Sungdoo Kim, Amanda Christensen
Human Resource Development Review, 2017

Verb-Noun Reversal in Sales Rhetoric: How Verbing Weirds the Sell
James Kellaris, Joshua Clarkson, Richard Sweeney
American Marketing Association - Summer Educators Conference, 2017

Mediation Analysis: A New Test when All or Some Variables are Categorical
Jiaxiu He, Xin (Shane) Wang, David Curry
International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2017

Embracing Heterogeneity: The Spatial Autoregressive Mixture Model
Gary Cornwall, Olivier Parent
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2017

A Burning Question: Does Arson Increase when Local House Prices Decrease?
Mike Eriksen, James Carson
Journal of Risk and Insurance, 2017

Facilitating emotional regulation: The interactive impact of resource availability and reward processing
Michael Roberts, Joshua Clarkson, E.L.T. Cummings, Chelsea Ragsdale
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2017

Advancing Non-Compensatory Choice Models in Marketing
Anocha Aribarg, Thomas Otter, Daniel Zantedeschi, Greg Allenby, Taylor Bentley, David Curry, Marc Dotson, Ty Henderson, Elisabeth Honka, Rajeev Kohli, Kamel Jedidi, Stephan Seiler, Xin (Shane) Wang
Customer Needs and Solutions, 2017

Modeling Strategic Behavior in the Competitive Newsvendor Problem: An Experimental Investigation
Tianjun Feng, Yinghao Zhang
Production and Operations Management, 2017

Improving the Context Supporting Quality Improvement in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Quality Collaborative: An Exploratory Field Study
Heather Grooms, Craig Froehle, Lloyd Provost, James Handyside, Heather Kaplan
American Journal of Medical Quality, 2017

Transformational leadership and employees’ taking charge: The impact of followers’ identification with leader and modernity
Lawrence Gales, Suzanne Masterson, Brian Blume
Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 2017

Difficult Development Areas and the Supply of Subsidized Housing
Mike Eriksen
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2017

Ice-Breaker vs. Standalone: Comparing Alternative Workflow Modes of Mid-Level Care Providers (Minor Revision)
Denise White, Elham Torabi, Craig Froehle
Production and Operations Management, 2017

Time-Varying Beta and the Value Premium
Hui Guo, Yan Yu
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2017

The Effects of Media Capabilities on the Rationalization of Online Consumer Fraud
Andrew Harrison
Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2017

Understanding and managing intergenerational interactions: An examination of influences and strategies
Michael Urick, Elaine Hollensbe, Suzanne Masterson, Sean Lyons
Work, Aging, and Retirement, 2017

Metaphorical Communication, Self-Presentation, and Consumer Inference in Service Encounters
Frank Kardes, John Dinsmore, Sung-Hee Paik, Frank Kardes
Journal of Business Research, 2017

Brand Attitude Structure
Frank Kardes, Ruth Pogacar, Roseann Hassey, Ruomeng Wu
Routledge, 2017

Sonic Branding: Designing Auditory Identity
Vijaykumar Krishnan, James Kellaris

National Estimates of and Risk Factors for Inpatient Revision Surgeries for Orofacial Clefts
Jeffrey Tompson, Pamela Heaton, Christina Kelton, Thomas Sitzman
The Cleft-Palate-Craniofacial Journal, 2017

Comparative Effectiveness of Tacrolimus-Based Steroid Sparing versus Steroid Maintenance Regimens in Kidney Transplantation: Results from Discrete Event Simulation
Vibha Desai, Yann Ferrand, Teresa Cavanaugh, Christina Kelton, J. Caro, Jens Goebel, Pamela Heaton
Medical Decision Making, 2017

Using Computer Simulation to Evaluate Task Modification for Healthcare Providers
Parastu Kasaie, W. David Kelton, Rachel Ancona, Michael Ward, Craig Froehle, Michael Lyons
Academic Emergency Medicine, 2017

Corporate Sport Sponsorship and Stock Returns: Evidence from the NFL
Assaf Eisdorfer, Elizabeth Kohl
Critical Finance Review, 2017

A Flexible Method for Protecting Marketing Data: An Application to Point-of-Sale Data
Matthew Schneider, Sharan Jagpal, Sachin Gupta, Shaobo Li, Yan Yu
Marketing Science, 2017

Does an observed zero-total-event study contain information for inference of odds ratio in meta-analysis?
Min-ge Xie, John Kolassa, Dungang Liu, Regina Liu
Statistics and Its Interface , 2017

Naïve Theories about Marketing and Consumption in Consumer Inference
Helen Deval, Cronley Maria, Susan Mantel, Frank Kardes
Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group, 2017

A Concise History of Simulation Output Analysis
Christos Alexopoulos, W. David Kelton
Winter Simulation Conference Proceedings (refereed, with revisions required before acceptance), 2017

The Hybrid IT Project Manager: One Foot Each in the IT and Business Domains
Dong Ko, Laurie Kirsch
International Journal of Project Management, 2017

Performance Volatility, Information Availability, and Disclosure Reforms
Yong H. Kim, Fang Gao, Yong Kim, Buhui Qiu
Journal of Banking & Finance/Elsevier, 2017

New Facts about Firm risk across Countries and over the Business Cycle
Hernan Moscoso Boedo
Economic Inquiry, 2017

Pricing to Preclude Sabotage in Regulated Industries
Debashis Pal, Arup Bose, David Sappington
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2017

Protecting Customer Data: Marketing with Second-Party Data
Matthew Schneider, Sharan Jagpal, Sachin Gupta, Shaobo Li, Yan Yu
International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2017

Residuals and diagnostics for ordinal regression models: a surrogate approach
Dungang Liu, Heping Zhang
Journal of American Statistical Association , 2017

Demand Pooling and Transshipment
Michael Magazine, George Polak, James Hammister
Journal of business logistics, 2017

Enhanced disclosure of other comprehensive income and increased usefulness of net income: The implications of Accounting Standards Update 2011-05
Linna Shi, Ping Wang, Nan Zhou
Research in Accounting Regulation , 2017

International Diversification, SFAS 131 and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift
Tony Kang, Inder Khurana, Changjiang Wang
Contemporary Accounting Research, 2017

Sound Symbolism in Translation
Ruth Pogacar, Agnes Pisanski Peterlin, Nike Pokorn, Timothy Pogacar
Translation and Interpreting Studies, 2017

Scheduling Surgical Operations and the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Using Work Tours and Binary Programming
Barry King, Alan Leach, Michael Platt, Denise White, PhD
AIMS International Journal of Management, 2017

Person-organization and Person-job Fit Perceptions of New IT Employees: Work Outcomes and Gender Differences
Viswanath Venkatesh, Jaime Windeler, Kay Bartol, Ian Williamson
MIS Quarterly, 2017

Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Linear Rebalancing Rules
Ciamac Moallemi, Mehmet Sağlam
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2017

Relative Performance Evaluation: Evidence from Warnings
Masako Darrough, Linna Shi, Ping Wang
Accounting Horizons, 2017

Where do I go from here? Sensemaking and the Construction of Growth-Based Stories in the Wake of Denied Promotions
Heather Vough, Brianna Caza
Academy of Management Review, 2017

Analyst Coverage and the Likelihood of Meeting or Beating Analyst Earnings Forecasts
Shawn Huang, Raynolde Pereira, Changjiang Wang
Contemporary Accounting Research, 2017

Ending Eternal Liabilities in Gift Card Accounting
Rick Warne
Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, 2017

The Governance Transfer of Blockholders: Evidence from Block Acquisitions and Earnings Management around the World
Lili Dai, Ravi Dharwadkar, Linna Shi, Bohui Zhang
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2017

Getting Away from Them All: Managing Exhaustion from Social Interaction with Telework
Jaime Windeler, Katherine Chudoba, Rui Sundrup
Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2017

Managerial Ability and Credit Ratings
Kimberly Cornaggia, Gopal Krishnan, Changjiang Wang
Contemporary Accounting Research, 2017

Personalized Treatment in Longitudinal Studies
Ryan Cho, Peng Wang, Annie Qu
Statistica Sinica, 2017

Eye-tracking technology, visual preference surveys, and urban design: preliminary evidence of an effective methodology
Robert Noland, Marc Weiner, Dong Gao, Michael Cook, Anton Nelessen
Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability, 2017

Work interrupted: A closer look at work boundary permeability
Sungdoo Kim, Elaine Hollensbe
Management Research Review, 2017

When work comes home: Technology-related pressure and home support
Sungdoo Kim, Elaine Hollensbe
Human Resource Development International, 2017

The catalytic role of emotions in sensemaking: Evidence from the blogosphere.
Niyati Kataria, Glen Kreiner, Elaine Hollensbe, Mathew Sheep, J. Stambaugh
Australian Journal of Management, 2017

Differences in Understanding Generation in the Workforce
Michael Urick, Elaine Hollensbe, Gail Fairhurst
Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 2017

Many IVs estimation of dynamic panel regression models with measurement error
Na Young Lee

What is the Cost of Free Cleft Surgery in the Middle East?
Samar Sheriff, Hassan Zawahrah, Lenisa Chang, Sonay Beyatli, Haithem Elhadi Babiker, Ashton Roach, Nataliya Biskup, John van Aalst
World Journal of Surgery, 2017

The Most Hated CEO in America
Michael Jones
Case Research Journal, 2017

Using Twitter for Economics Business Case Discussions in Large Lectures
Michael Jones, Maxwell Baltzersen
International Review of Economics Education, 2017

Show Who the Money? Teacher Sorting Patterns and Performance Pay across US School Districts
Michael Jones, Michael Hartney
Public Administration Review, 2017

The Importance of Getting Nonprofit Compensation Right
Michael Jones
Tax Notes, 2017

Test Publication
Mike Eriksen
Journal of Test Publications, 2017

Developing a Dependency Descriptive Entity Relationship Diagram
Andrew Harrison, Narayan Umanath
SIGSAND 2017 , 2017

Placebo Response in Pedriatic Anxiety Disorders: Results from the Child/Adolescent Anxiety Multimodal Study
Jeffrey Strawn, Eric Dobson, Jeffrey Mills, Gary Cornwall, Dara Salosky, Boris Birmaher, Scott Compton, John Piacentini
Journal Adolescent and Child Psychopharmacology, 2017

Buspirone in Children and Adolescents with Anxiety: A Review and Bayesian Analysis of Abandoned Randomized Controlled Trials.
Jeffrey Strawn, Jeffrey Mills, Gary Cornwall, Sarah Mossman, Sara Varney, Brooks Keeshin, Paul Croakin
Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology. , 2017

Acid-sensing T cell death associated gene-8 receptor expression in panic disorder.
Jeffrey Strawn, Lauren Vollmer, Katherine McMurray, Jeffrey Mills, Sarah Mossman, Sara Varney, Heidi Schroeder, Renu Sah
Brain, Behavior and Immunity, 2017

SIT As A Creativity Tool In New Product Design
Frank Grunwald, William Boyd
Innovation / Industrial Designers Society of America, 2017

New Venture Funding: Identifying a Founder-Funder Exchange Model (FFX)
Yuzhen Zhou, Charles Matthews
International Council for Small Business (ICSB), 2017

Understanding Emergency Care Delivery through Computer Simulation Modeling
Lauren Laker, Elham Torabi, Daniel France, Craig Froehle, Eric Goldlust, Nathan Hoot, Parastu Kasaie, Michael Lyons, Laura Barg-Walkow, Michael Ward, Robert Wears
Academic Emergency Medicine, 2017

The psychological contracts of undergraduate university students: Who do they see as exchange partners, and what do they think the deals are?
Joshua Knapp, Suzanne Masterson
Research in Higher Education, 2017

Where and how does fitting in matter? Examining new students’ perceived fit with their university, instructors, and classmates.
Joshua Knapp, Uma Kedharnath, Suzanne Masterson
Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory, & Practice, 2017

Improving Patient Satisfaction by Managing Paradoxical Tensions Arising from Operational Processes: Evidence from Online Patient Generated Physician Reviews
Dong Ko, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan
The 11th China Summer Workshop on Information Management (CSWIM 2017) , 2017

Electric Vehicle Adoption Decisions in a Fleet Environment
Michael Magazine, Uday Rao
European Journal of Operational Research / Elsevier, 2017

Taming the Creative Spark: Insights from Research on Creativity in New Product Development
William Boyd
Handbook of New Product Development Research, 2017

Psychology Today monthly contributor
William Boyd
2017 blog author
William Boyd

Integrated Data Analysis of Twelve NIDA CTN Treatment Substance Use Treatment Trials: Baseline HIV Risk Behaviors and Substance Use
Jennifer Brown, Mike Eriksen, Nicole Gause, Gene Brody, Jessica Sales
Annals of Behavior Medicine, 2017


Financial Management Topics for Closely Held Businesses
Sidney Barton

Managerial Confidence and Initial Public Offerings
Thomas Boulton, Timothy Campbell
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2016

Perceived mental fatigue and self-control
Joshua Clarkson, Roseann Hassey, Edward Hirt,
Self-Regulation and Ego Control/Elsevier, 2016

Open source project success: Resource access, flow, and integration
Sherae Daniel, Katherine Stewart
Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 2016

Certification Matters: Green Talk is Cheap Talk
Shaun Bond
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2016

A Better Measure of Institutional Informed Trading
Hui Guo
Contemporary Accounting Research, 2016

A Framework for Detecting Covert Network Structures in Multilingual Groups
Janea Triplett, Andrew Harrison, Brian Mennecke, Akmal Mirsadikov
Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2016

Signage as Marketing Communication: A Conceptual Model and Research Propositions
James Kellaris, Karen Machleit
Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 2016

Competition Between Brand-Name and Generic Drugs
Jeff Guo, Christina Kelton
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Public Policy, 2nd Edition, 2016

in press - Emotional Mechanisms Linking Incivility at Work to Aggression and Withdrawal at Home: An Experience-Sampling Study
R. Ilies, S. Lim, C. Paraskevi, R. Arvey
Journal of Management, 2016

Meta-analysis framework for exact inferences with application to the analysis of rare events
Guang Yang, Dungang Liu, Junyuan Wang, Min-ge Xie
Biometrics, 2016

Supply-Chain Performance Anomalies: Fairness Concerns under Private Cost Information
Michael Fry, Amitabh Raturi
European Journal of Operational Research, 2016

The human side of restructures: The role of shifting identification
Marcia Lensges, Elaine Hollensbe, Suzanne Masterson
Journal of Management Inquiry, 2016

Incentivizing Green Single-Family Construction: Identifying Effective Government Policies and Their Features
Shaun Bond
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2016

Ethically Deployed Defaults: Transparency and Consumer Protection via Disclosure and Preference Articulation
Mary Steffel, Elanor Williams, Ruth Pogacar
Journal of Marketing Research, 2016

Are all classes created equal? Exploring semantics-contingent syntax in conceptual modeling
Roman Lykyanenko, Binny Samuel
15th Symposium on Research in Systems Analysis and Design, 2016

Earnings Warnings and CEO Welfare
Ping Wang, Masako Darrough, Linna Shi
Journal of Business, Finance & Accounting, 2016

• “Are Good Salespeople Born or Made? An Implicit Theories Perspective with Implications for Hiring and Training,”
Corinne Novell, Karen Machleit, Jane Sojka
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 2016

The Corporate Value of (Corrupt) Lobbying
Alexander Borisov, Nandini Gupta, Eitan Goldman
Review of Financial Studies, 2016

A Spatial Model of School District Open Enrollment Choice
David Brasington, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, Ledia Guci
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2016

An Introduction to Management Science, 14th Edition
David Anderson, Dennis Sweeney, Tom Williams, Jeffrey Camm, James Cochran, Michael Fry, Jeffrey Ohlmann
South-Western, Cengage Learning, 2016

Nouns in theWintering of our Discontent
Richard Sweeney, James Kellaris
AMA Marketing News, 2016

An extensive-form based poof of the existence of sequential equilibrium
Iryna Topolyan, Subir Chakrabarti
Economic Theory Bulletin, 2016

Riding off into the sunset: Organizational sensegiving, shareholder sensemaking, and reactions to CEO retirement
H Biligili, Joanna Campbell, A Ellstrand, J Johnson
Journal of Management Studies, 2016

The Effect of State Insurance Mandates on Infant Immunization Rates
Lenisa Chang
Health Economics, 2016

Family control, socioemotional wealth and earnings management in publicly traded firms
G Martin, Joanna Campbell, L Gomez-Mejia
Journal of Business Ethics, 2016

Optimal Inside Debt Compensation and the Value of Equity and Debt
Timothy Campbell, Neal Galpin, Shane Johnson
Journal of Financial Economics, 2016

All risk-taking is not the same: Examining the competing effects of risk-taking on firm risk and firm performance with meta-analysis
M Arrfelt, M Mannor, J Nahrgang, Amanda Christensen
Review of Managerial Science, 2016

Decision sidestepping: How the motivation for closure prompts individuals to bypass decision making
Ashley Otto, Joshua Clarkson, Frank Kardes
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2016

The malleable efficacy of willpower theories
Joshua Clarkson, Ashley Otto, Edward Hirt, Patrick Egan
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2016

Restoration effects following depletion: Adventures in the uncanny resilience of man.
Edward Hirt, Joshua Clarkson, Patrick Egan, Julie Eyink
Elselvier, 2016

Self-Regulation and Ego Control
Edward Hirt, Joshua Clarkson, Lile Jia
Elselvier, 2016

Systems Development Risk Factors: The Role of Empowering Leadership in Lowering Developers’ Stress
Jaime Windeler, Likoebe Maruping, Viswanath Venkatesh
Information Systems Research, Forthcoming, 2016

OM (Operations Management) 6E
James Evans
Cengage learning, 2016

Lawrence Napper, “The Great War in Popular British Cinema of the 1920’s: before Journey’s End.”
Erwin Erhardt
in the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 2016) , 2016

Toward more general hedonic estimation: Clarifying the roles of alternative experimental designs with an application to a housing attribute
Mike Eriksen, Thomas Kniesner, Chris Rohlfs, Ryan Sullivan
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2016

Fuzzy logic and the market: A configurational approach to investor perceptions of acquisition announcements
Joanna Campbell, D Sirmon, M Schijven
Academy of Management Journal, 2016

Dissecting the Bond Profitability Premium
Timothy Campbell, Doina Chichernea, Alex Petkevich
Journal of Financial Markets, 2016

Big Data Research in Information Systems: A Value Chain Perspective
Ahmed Abbasi, Suprateek Sarker, Roger Chiang
Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2016

On incidental catalysts of elaboration: Reminders of environmental structure promote effortful thought.
Ryan Rahinel, Nelson Amaral, Joshua Clarkson, Aaron Kay,
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2016

The Effect of Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan on REIT Payout Choice
Suyan Zheng

The Impact of Employment on Parental Co-Residence
Gary Engelhardt, Mike Eriksen, Nadia Greenhalgh-Stanley
Real Estate Economics, 2016

Monte Carlo Simulation Modeling of a Regional Stroke Team’s Use of Telemedicine
Craig Froehle, Christopher Lindsell, Charles Moomaw, Daniel Kanter, Dawn Kleindorfer, Opeolu Adeoye
Academic Emergency Medicine, 2016

A Solution Framework for the Multi-Mode Resource Constrained Cross-Dock Scheduling Problem
Nicole Adler, Dror Hermel, Hamed Hasheminia, Michael Fry
OMEGA, 2016

Cigarette Taxes in Ohio
Michael Jones
Business Case Journal, 2016

The Sound of the Mandolin Orchestra
Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni, James Kellaris, Philip DeWalt
CMSA Mandolin Journal, 2016

Austin Mandolin Orchestra Premieres Piece by 12-year-old Composer
James Kellaris
CMSA Mandolin Journal, 2016

Market Illiquidity and Conditional Equity Premium
Hui Guo, Sandra Mortal, Robert Savickas, Robert Wood
Financial Management, 2016

The Effects of the Dark Triad on Unethical Behavior
Andrew Harrison, James Summers, Brian Mennecke
Journal of Business Ethics, 2016

Ad hoc journal review: Advances in Accounting, incorporating Advances in International Accounting
Elizabeth Kohl

100 Years Running: The Need to Understand Why Employee Physical Activity Benefits Organizations
C. Calderwood, A. Gabriel, C. Rosen, L. Simon
Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2016

in press - Within-Person Approaches to the Study of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: Antecedents, Consequences, and Boundary Conditions
Brent Scott, Fadel Matta
Oxford Handbook of Organizational Behavior, 2016

under 2nd review - Examining Follower Responses to Transformational Leadership from a Dynamic, Person-Environment Fit Perspective
B. Tepper, N. Dimotakis, L. Lambert, F. Matta, H.-M. Park, W. Goo
Academy of Management Journal, 2016

Yes, robots will steal our jobs, but don't worry, we'll get new ones.
Michael Jones
The Conversation, 2016

Positive Affectivity as a Predictor of Consumers' Propensity to be Brand Loyal
Frank Kardes, Frank Kardes, Maria Cronley
Journal of Brand Management, 2016

in press - Is Consistently Unfair Better than Sporadically Fair? An Investigation of Justice Variability and Stress
F. Matta, B. Scott, J. Colquitt, L. Passantino
Academy of Management Journal, 2016

2016. Advances in International Accounting: A Retrospective Commentary
Robert Larson, J. Timothy Sale
Advances in Accounting, Incorporating Advances in International Accounting, 2016

Simheuristics: A Method of First Resort for Solving Real-Life Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Angel Juan, Manuel Chica, Jesica de Amas, W. David Kelton
Keynote Papers Handbook of OR58: The Operational Research Society Annual Conference, 2016

Entrepreneurship as a Team: A Multi-Team Systems Approach and Government Implications
Charles Matthews, Yuzhen Zhou
Proceedings of the Rencontres de St. Gallen Annual Research in Entrepreneutship Conference, 2016

Twenty Years of Triptans in the United States Medicaid Programs: Utilization and Reimbursement Trends from 1993-2013
Ying Xia, Christina Kelton, Patricia Wigle, Pamela Heaton, Jeff Guo
Cephalalgia, 2016

Methodological Expectations for Studies Using Computer Simulation
W. David Kelton
Journal of Business Logistics, 2016

The Role of a Multi-team System Approach: Exploring Entrepreneurship as a Team
Yuzhen Zhou, Charles Matthews
Proceedings of RENT XXX , 2016

On the Merits of Antitrust Liability in Regulated Industries
Debashis Pal, David Sappington, Arup Bose
Journal of Law and Economics, 2016

Do Investors Use Prior Tax Avoidance when Pricing Tax Loss Carryforwards?
Adam Olson, Sean McGuire, Stevanie Neuman, Thomas Omer
Journal of the American Taxation Association, 2016

conditionally accepted - Workplace Status: The Development and Validation of a Scale
E. Djurdjevic, A. Stoverink, A. Klotz, S. da Motta Veiga, K. Yam, J. Chiang
Journal of Applied Psychology, 2016

Integrating the Bright and Dark Sides of OCB: A Daily Investigation of the Benefits and Costs of Helping Others
K. Lanaj, B. Scott
Academy of Management Journal, 2016

Ego Depletion Makes the Incivility Spiral Go Around: A Daily Investigation of Experienced and Instigated Incivility
C. Rosen, A. Gabriel, R. Johnson
Journal of Applied Psychology, 2016

Robust Hypothesis Testing via Lq-Likelihood
Yichen Qin, C. Priebe
Statistica Sinica, 2016

Securitization and Financial Markets: The Implications for Interest Rate Pass-Through
Mari Robertson
Journal of Financial Economic Policy/Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2016

Optimization, Visualization and Data Mapping for HVAC Product Distribution
Michael Magazine, James Hammister, George Polak
In Visual Analytics for Management Translational Science and Applications in Practice, 2016

Exploring the Differences between Conscious and Unconscious Goal Pursuit
Juliano Laran, Chris Janiszewski, Anthony Salerno
Journal of Marketing Research, 2016

Basic Classes in Conceptual Modeling: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Guidelines
Arturo Castellanos, Roman Lukyanenko, Binny Samuel, Monica Tremblay
15th Symposium on Research in Systems Analysis and Design, 2016

Brushing the Court Lines Optimally
Michael Magazine, Ken Baker
INFORMS Transactions on Education, 2016

“Faculty Portfolio Analysis Revised "
Shaheen Borna, Sushil Sharma, Susan Mantel
Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 2016

Entrepreneurship as a Team: Exploring the role of a Multi-team Systems Approach
Charles Matthews
61st Annual World Conference of the International Council for Small Business, 2016

On semantics-contingent syntax for conceptual modeling
Roman Lukyanenko, Binny Samuel, Arturo Castellanos, Mahed Maddah
Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST) 2016, 2016

Differential effects of mother's and child's postnatal WIC participation on breastfeeding
Iryna Topolyan, Xu Xu
Applied Economics, 2016

The max-min group contest: weakest-link (group) all-pay auction
Subhasish Chowdhury, Dongryul Lee, Iryna Topolyan
Southern Economic Journal, 2016

Next-Gen Retirement: Post-career life has changed, and it demands a new approach
Heather Vough, Christine Bataille, Mary Dean Lee, Leisa Sargent
Harvard Business Review, 2016

How does start-up financing influence start-up speed? Evidence from the panel of entrepreneurship dynamics
Charles Matthews, Paul Reynolds
Small Business Economics, Springer, 2016

The routinization of practive work behaviors: How employees in low autonomy work contexts self-initiate change
Heather Vough, Uta Bindl, Sharon Parker
Human Relations, 2016

Is Other Comprehensive Income Reported in the Income Statement More Value Relevant?
Stephen Lin, Donel Martinez, Changjiang Wang, Ya-wen Yang
Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 2016

Accounting guidance flexibility, auditors’ ethical characteristics, and blame
Robert Cornell, Rick Warne
Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research , 2016

Market Exposure and Endogenous Firm Volatility over the Business Cycle
Hernan Moscoso Boedo, Pablo D'Erasmo, Ryan Decker
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2016

All Entrepreneurial Productivity Increases are Not Created Equal
Debashis Pal, Arup Bose, David Sappington
Southern Economic Journal, 2016

Is There a Relation Between Residual Audit Fees and Analysts ’ Forecasts ?
John Abernathy, Tony Kang, Gopal Krishnan, Changjiang Wang
Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 2016

Modeling individual travel behaviors based on intra-household interactions
Olivier Parent, Changjoo Kim,
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2016

When Brand Logos Describe the Environment: Design Instability and the Utility of Safety-Oriented Products
Ryan Rahinel, Noelle Nelson
Journal of Consumer Research, 2016

Towards Artifact Sampling in IS Design Research
Roman Lukyanenko, Binny Samuel, Joerg Evermann, Jeffrey Parsons
26th Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems, 2016

RBC Mobile Wallet
Nicole Haggerty, Binny Samuel, Ramasastry Chandrasekhar
Ivey Publishing, 2016

Cognitive Hierarchy in Capacity Allocation Games
Tony Haitao Cui, Yinghao Zhang
Management Science, 2016

Contract Preferences and Performance for the Loss Averse Supplier: Buyback versus Revenue Sharing
Yinghao Zhang, Karen Donohue, Tony Haitao Cui
Management Science, 2016

Ultrabrand's Journey to a Smarter Web Analytics Product Offering
Binny Samuel, Ryan Ward-Williams
Ivey Publishing, 2016

Best-shot versus weakest-link in political lobbying: An application of group all-pay auction
Subhasish Chowdhury, Iryna Topolyan
Social Choice and Welfare, 2016

Correlation structure selection for longitudinal data with diverging cluster size
Peng Wang, Jianhui Zhou, Annie Qu
Canadian Journal of Statistics, 2016

Improving Discharge Efficiency in Medically Complex Pediatric Patients.
A Statile, A Schondelmeyer, J Thomson, L Brower, B Davis, J Redel, J Hausfeld, K Tucker, Denise White, PhD, C White
Pediatrics, 2016

Amblyopia treatment outcomes assessment using AAO's IRIS-7 measure
Constance West, Patricia Cobb, Denise White, PhD
Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, 2016

House Prices and School Quality: Instruments, Signaling, Usage and Perceptions
David Brasington
Sociology and Anthropology, 2016

Brooklyn (2015) Directed by John Crowley Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures 111 minutes
Erwin Erhardt
Film and History, 2016

A Comparative Study of Korean National Pension Fund Management: Direct vs. Indirect Investment Performance
M Chung, J Lee, K Ko, E Tae, Yong H. Kim, Miyoun Paek

Quantitative Methods for Business, 13th Edition
Michael Fry
Cengage, 2016