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Improving Patient Satisfaction by Managing Paradoxical Tensions Arising from Operational Processes: Evidence from Online Patient Generated Physician Reviews

Author(s): Dong Ko, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan

Status: Accepted
Year: 2017
Publication Name: The 11th China Summer Workshop on Information Management (CSWIM 2017)


In this research, we analyze over one million online physician reviews to examine the role of operational efficiency on patient satisfaction. We capitalize on this abundant, real-time data source and new analytics techniques. Our results suggest that long waiting time negatively influences patient satisfaction. In addition, long waiting time negatively moderates the effects of other healthcare dimensions on the overall satisfaction. We draw from patient-centered, paradoxical tensions and ambidexterity theoretical frameworks and suggest that developing a well-planned post-visit follow-up capability can mitigate the negative patient satisfaction experienced by long waiting time. We discuss the implication of the results.


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