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Acid-sensing T cell death associated gene-8 receptor expression in panic disorder.
Jeffrey Mills

Status: Published
Year: 2018
Publication Name: Brain, Behavior and Immunity
Volume: 67, Page Number(s): 36-41


While disruption of acid-base homeostasis has been pathoetiologically implicated in panic disorder (PD), the mechanism by which pH imbalance is translated to panic pathophysiology is poorly understood. Recently, in a translational rodent model of PD, we reported a role of microglial acid sensing G-protein coupled receptor, T cell death associated gene-8 (TDAG8) in panic-associated behavior and physiology. However, the clinical validity of the TDAG8 receptor has not been investigated. OBJECTIVE: To assess TDAG8 in PD, we evaluated TDAG8 receptor expression in adolescents and young adults with PD and healthy comparison subjects.

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Jeffrey Mills
Jeffrey Mills