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Advancing Non-Compensatory Choice Models in Marketing
David Curry

Status: Published
Year: 2017
Publication Name: Customer Needs and Solutions
, Issue: 22 June 2017, Page Number(s): 1-11


The extant choice literature has proposed different non-compensatory rules as a more realistic description of consumers' choice than a standard compensatory model. Some research has further suggested a two-stage sequential decision process of non-compensatory consideration and then compensatory choice, where the determinants of each stage may differ. Some aspects of non-compensatory choice modeling are under-studied. In this article, we hope to advance the understanding of non-compensatory choice models with the following aims: (a) providing an overview of existing representations for non-compensatory choice decisions, (b) discussing how such choice decisions can manifest from the economic search theoretical perspective, (c) exploring the empirical identification of non-compensatory decisions using different data, and (d) presenting applications of non-compensatory choice models in novel domains.

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David Curry
David Curry