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Improving the Context Supporting Quality Improvement in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Quality Collaborative: An Exploratory Field Study
Craig Froehle

Status: Published
Year: 2017
Publication Name: American Journal of Medical Quality
Volume: 32, Issue: 3, Page Number(s): 313-321


Successful quality improvement (QI) requires a supportive context. The goal was to determine whether a structured curriculum could help QI teams improve the context supporting their QI work. An exploratory field study was conducted of 43 teams participating in a neonatal intensive care unit QI collaborative. Using a curriculum based on the Model for Understanding Success in Quality, teams identified gaps in their context and tested interventions to modify context. Surveys and self-reflective journals were analyzed to understand how teams developed changes to modify context. More than half (55%) targeted contextual improvements within the microsystem, focusing on motivation and culture. "Information sharing" interventions to communicate information about the project as a strategy to engage more staff were the most common interventions tested. Further study is needed to determine if efforts to modify context consistently lead to greater outcome improvements.

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Craig Froehle
Craig Froehle